Kent Grusendorf

Author of Saving Public Education and Who Rules the Texas House

The New Book

“For those interested in better public schooling outcomes, this is a must-read.”

—Dr. Rod Paige, former U.S. Secretary of Education

For far too long teachers have faced a lack of respect, excessive external pressures, budgetary crises, and general frustration that creates a revolving door for the most qualified professionals. This book advocates for a new level of professional freedom that will allow teachers to do what they love—teach.

Well intentioned education reform advocates have attempted to reform the American education system for more than half a century. Most of these reform efforts have been designed to impose top-down mandates on our schools and teachers.

A better solution would be to free teachers to teach.

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Saving Public Education is an essential book for educators, parents, business leaders, and citizens interested in quality public education. Read the advanced reviews:


A Must Read

“Saving Public Education provides a powerful launchpad for setting public education on a path for great success. The author’s thoughts and ideas spring from his 20 years of service in the Texas Legislature; countless years as a businessman in Aerospace, Manufacturing, Banking, and Real Estate; and most of all, many years of meaningful citizenship advocacy on behalf of high-quality public education. For those interested in better public schooling outcomes, this is a must-read.”

Dr. Rod Paige
Former U.S. Secretary of Education

Opportunity for Teachers

“This book has caused me to reconsider most of the ideals I have had regarding public education. The opportunity for teachers to own their careers is the factor that I think has the most potential. Teachers can do this.”

Doug Rogers
Retired Executive Director of ATPE, the largest teacher organization in Texas

A Solution

“Kent Grusendorf’s entrepreneurial experiences and passion for education are melded together into this excellent summary of how America has failed our students and, most importantly, what should be done now. Discussions about how to improve our public education system have been circular for decades. Through his research and experiences, Kent Grusendorf has astutely identified a solution—respect and reward the professionalism of our teachers.”

Linda Pavlik
Journalism professional
and advocate for children

Book Details

  • Title: Saving Public Education: Setting Teachers Free to Teach
  • Author: Kent Grusendorf
  • Format: 6×9″ paperback, 180 pages | Ebook
  • Publication Date: June 2020
  • ISBN: 979-8-6526-8039-8
  • Publisher: TREE: Texans for Real Efficiency and Equity in Education

Well Written

“I finished reading Saving Public Education. I like it a lot! It is very well written, follows a logical flow of development, and makes the essential points for the need for public education reform and, most importantly, puts forward a plan that, unlike what has gone before, puts the power back where it belongs: with parents and teachers.”

Dr. Don McAdams
Professor emeritus, author, consultant, and former HISD school board member

Breath of Fresh Air

“Having started my 25-year public policy career with Kent Grusendorf, I can confidently say that he has given deeper thought to public education, its problems, and how to solve them, than the vast majority of those who work in the system on a daily basis. His idea to actively put teachers, the real education practitioners, in full charge of their students’ educations is the breath of fresh air education reform efforts have needed for decades.”

Dr. Byron Schlomach
Chief Economist, 1889 Institute

Very Enlightening

“This book is very enlightening, and I believe everyone in the education system would benefit from reading it as it explains a tremendous amount about the history and evolution of our education system. It also suggests innovative ideas for the future of the education system. As teachers, we should always be receptive to ideas which will benefit our students and our profession.”

Melissa Martin
Texas public high school teacher and member of the Texas Juvenile Justice Board

The Butterfly

“Anybody who thinks the educational models of yesteryear work today … don’t understand the current degradation happening in public schools. The statistics and the explanations in this book prove we need revolutionary new models. Read about his description of the ‘Professional Teacher Act.’ I say it is the ‘butterfly’ among the ‘caterpillars’ in today’s failed attempts at school reform.”

Dr. Kenneth Poppee
Former Ft Worth ISD teacher, and ATPE Secondary Teacher of the Year

Thoughtful and Bold

“No one is more qualified to identify the current deficiencies of public education and recommend strategies to address them than Kent Grusendorf. He has spent much of his professional life in this pursuit as a ten term member of the Texas House of Representatives, including four years as Chairman of its Public Education Committee. His book reflects thoughtful reflection on this legacy, outlines a bold transformational response to the challenge we face in delivering quality public education to our children and our future, and restores the classroom teacher to the primary leadership role in this transformation. It deserves wide dissemination among education opinion leaders.”

Jim Windham
Former banker, founder of Texas Institute for Education Reform, and reform activist

Reveals the Urgency

“Kent, in his book Saving Public Education, reveals the urgency to change attitudes. Attitudes toward teachers and education administrators. Teachers are not THE problem to fix, they are people to be respected, guided, empowered and trained in innovating solutions for our student’s sake.”

Steve Swanson
Professional engineer and school reform advocate