Kent Grusendorf

Author of Saving Public Education and Who Rules the Texas House

[The house should function]
“by reasoning together rather than being steamrolled by the use of raw power”

—Speaker Price Daniel, Jr. 1972

In 1846, the first session of the Texas Legislature, the parliamentary rules for the Texas House of Representatives were only ten pages long. In 2023 the rules for the Texas House of Representatives were over 400 pages long (including introductory pages and precedents). So, what effect do all these additional pages have on representative government? That is the question which this book addresses.

Book Details

  • Title: Who Rules the Texas House: How Constituent Sovereignty Has Been Usurped Over Time
  • Author: Kent Grusendorf
  • Format: 5×7″ paperback, 160 pages | Ebook
  • Publication Date: January 2024
  • ISBN: 978-1945-02855-7
  • Publisher: The Justice Foundation